Feeling Nostalgic – Webb Planation


Happy Monday Guys!! I hope you enjoy reading just a tidbit about the history of our family land.

I knew that the land we purchased from a family member had some history behind it but I didn’t realize how deeply rooted it was.

The land we are building our Dream Home on originated in our family sometime in the 1700s. Yes- your math is correct, that is over 300 years ago. WOW! 

I was given an article written by The Advance dated in the year 1975 titled “Woman Recalls Early Drew County Days” by a special lady, Anna Koonce. The article was an interview with her grandmother, Mrs. Marietta Burks Webb.  She was 96 at the time. As I read this article, tears just fell down my cheeks as I pictured all her stories of being raised on the Bowser Road Webb Plantation where we will call home soon.

So “Granny Webb”, that’s what we all call her today, is my husband’s great-great-great- great-aunt. That is A lot of GREATS!! Granny Webb’s grandparents purchased 6000 acres before the Civil War. Most of that land is spread across the Western boundary of HWY 425 to Bowser Road through The University of Arkansas at Monticello all the way to Old Warren Road where the Perkins Store was. Most of that family land is now sold and only several hundred acres are still in the family today.

Granny Webb describes her family and all the neighbors coming together to clear the land, build their house, and the barn.  It’s so neat to think they were possibly clearing the land where my house is being built now. The meaning of this land to our family is very sentimental and I am overjoyed to raise my children here and grow old with Seth!!


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